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NEW! KS2 & KS1 British Values Literacy Resources


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New! British Values Literacy Resource - On Sale here.


  • Supports strategies, priorities and policies of schools' and academy trusts' curricular intent for literacy development and
  • British Values teaching
  • Easy to implement to match sequencing/curricular planning
  • Fun, fully resourced broad curricular experience to support KS2 & KS1 values literacy (British Values themes: Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty for KS2 and 'Diversity' for KS1)
  • Helps safeguard language and children’s well being against hate speech
  • Develops pupils’ subject knowledge and transferable skills for life and work
  • Increases pupils’ cultural capital and character
  • Resources include inclusive and fun/engaging tasks with examples and guidance
  • Builds overall literacy confidence enabling access and attainment across the curriculum
  • Includes opportunities for pupil self assessment, reflection and improvement
  • Helps pupils acquire and apply Values vocabulary
  • Themes can easily be changed to suit national and/or local curricular intent
  • Flexible timescales to suit sequencing/curriculum planning 
  • Efficient assessment of impact via recording and content creation 
  • Recordings (GDPR approved) can contribute to school’s online legacy


Resource includes: 

  • Over 120 pages of practical classroom resources to celebrate (British) Values literacy with the whole school. Resource includes; interactive assembly for Key Stage 2, lesson plans/teachers' notes for Year 3, 4, 5, and 6, writing frames and performance exercises, colouring tasks, example poems, posters, easy to follow poetry slam guide and judges' score sheets.
  • Key Stage 1 'Diversity' assembly resources and teachers' delivery guide of activities
  • Teachers' interactive PDF with links to video guides and further examples. Includes: teacher testimonials, example videos of performances from different schools, Values and Virtues sign language video (enabling pupils to learn how sign key words) and teachers' CPD training video with teacher performances.

Feedback from teachers:


Poetry performances on 'Respect' and 'Tolerance' at our recent showcase event 2019